Text and photo's contributed by Harry Lewellyn
The EZ Open Bag comes inside of a Shipping bag.
Be sure to remove the EZ Open Bag itself from the Shipping Bag, and remove the Shipping Clip prior to installing the bag into the tire.
Squeeze the tape between your thumb and forefinger before installing.
Off Road Bead Install
The Off Road beads come in a shipping bag. The bag is not to be placed in the tire, only the beads themselves. Cut the top of the bag.
Pour the contents of the bag into the tire
This is the result, nothing but the beads in the bottom of the tire.
Keeping the tire vertical, “spoon” or "hammer" the second tire bead over the rim.  And still keeping the tire vertical, follow the balance of the Staun beadlock mounting instructions. 
Do not let the tire go horizontal until the entire mounting process is completed and both beadlock and tire are properly inflated.
Finishing Up...
Now place a spacer between the wheel and tire bead to provide working space. 
EZ Open Install
The Air Channel in Staun Internal Pneumatic Dual Beadlock equipped tires prevents use of the Dyna Beads® Installation Applicator. 

We will first start with a new tire Dyna Bead installation and then move on to a used tire installation.  But regardless, your objective is always the same:  Install the Dyna Beads into the tire ensuring that none are allowed to come into contact with the inside of the tire bead, any part of the beadlock or tube, and particularly, the space between the tire bead and the beadlock Bead.
Remove the tire from the tire machine just prior to putting the second tire bead over the rim and then turn the tire vertical.  This ensures that the Dyna Beads will only touch the inside of the tire tread.

















































































































































































Carefully place the bag into the tire.