Humvee's and offroad vehicles love Dyna Beads


Truck Tire Installation

There are three ways to install Dyna Beads into truck tires.
1. EZ Open bag
2. Bag in tire
3. Pour in method

The EZ Open bag is covered in a previous Installation page, and the Applicator method is not normally used due to the quantity of beads normally required for large truck tires.

Over the years, users have found the two methods below to be the favored approach to installing the beads. It's quick and reliable.

Carefully apply bead lube to the tire in the area shown only using the method shown.

DO NOT  twirl the swab in a circle as most mechanics do. This will fling bead lube into the tire.
If any bead lube gets into the tire, IT MUST be wiped out with water.
Never coat the rim

Coating tire beads with tire bead lube.


Install the first tire bead over the rim.

Installing the top tire bead over the rim


Using scissors, cut the seal off of the bag. You must do this whether you are using
Bag In Tire method or the Pour In method

Cutting the top of the bag off

This is what you will place inside the tire.

Picture of properly cut bag ready to install

If using the Bag In Tire method, gently place the bag upright against the outer wall,
and opposite the valve stem.

Properly placed bag of beads inside tire

If using the Pour In method, this is what it should look like. Remember, it's extremely important to place the beads or the bag opposite the valve stem. If you don't, the air blast will blow the beads around and they may get stuck between the tire bead and the rim.

Properly installed loose beads


Install the top tire bead onto the rim

Top tire bead over the rim


When you go to seat the tire bead, it can be done horizontally or vertically.
In either case, keep the beads on the opposite side of the valve stem.

Pressurize to seat tire beads


Simply pressurize to spec, and you're ready to roll!

Pressurize to spec