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    Faster installation, increases profits

    No spoke or rim weights

    A glass-smooth ride

    Proven performance

Dyna Beads gets both you and your tire customers going smoother, faster than any other balancing method.


Dyna Beads dynamically balance tires on the move, resulting in a smoother ride, and one that lasts the life of the tire.

Dyna Beads are small ceramic spheres, high in density and perfectly smooth, that travel inside the tire to locate themselves opposite heavy points to eliminate out-of-balance motion.

The result for your customer is not only a smoother ride, but a better look - Dyna Beads eliminate the need for spoke or stick-on weights applied to those beautiful alloys.  They can be used with tubes or tubeless tires, and work for scooters as well.

Dyna Beads are 100% environmentally friendly ceramic, impervious to moisture, and non-abrasive to inner liners and tubes. No special air drying is needed, and Dyna Beads can be installed directly into the tire at mounting time, or after, through the valve stem.
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Everybody wins with Dyna Beads!
Fast Installation
Labor savings
No spoke / rim weights
A glass-smooth ride
Longer tire mileage
Customer satisfaction
We have balanced over 150 wheels since trying the balancing beads without any comebacks.

 The savings is in labor costs!. 

The beads are a lot faster than a static balancer, or even an electronic balancer.The time [required] to balance a tubeless tire is the time it takes to tear open a one oz. bag and dump in the beads. No need for a $3000.00 machine that breaks down. The techs on commision want to change tires.  Thanks for a great, truly innovative product.

Brent Needham  
Brento's Cycle Center KTM  
 Bakersfield Calif. 
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