Dyna Beads balances tires using solid ceramic


Tire balancing without weights!
Dyna Beads is a 100% solid ceramic product designed for balancing tires without using wheel weights. We cover a wide range of vehicles, commercial trucks, motorcycles, scooters, aircraft, antique auto's and trucks, trailers of all types, pickups, motorhomes, RV's, Off Road trucks and other vehicles, and ATV's. We even tackle dynamic balancing for industrial use. Going lead-free is our goal with an environmentally safe product.

Higher tire life and a smooth ride!
Dyna Beads is a Dynamic Balancing Solution that continuosly balances the tire while you drive. The amount of material will distribute itself in weight and position dependent on the balance requirements of the individual tire. The result is a smooth, comfortable ride and higher tire life. How can we say higher tire life? Easy. Your tires are rebalanced every time you start up from a stop. Pick up some mud or ice? No problem. Dyna Beads shifts around and compensates for the additional weight. Try to do that with lead weights !

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