Humvee's and offroad vehicles love Dyna Beads
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Installation Procedures
Dyna Beads Installation Video
Standard vehicle tire with Applicator
EZ Open Bag into tire
Double Beadlock Installation
Truck Tire Installation
Staun Beadlock / Dyna Bead
Motorcycle Tire with Applicator
Motorcycle 90° Valve Stem with Vibration Tool
Motorcycle Direct To Tire / Pour In


Installation with Applicator

This is the Standard method applicable to most tires.

Remove the old valve core from the tire.

Picture of removing the valve core from the tire


Cut a corner of the bag and pour the beads into the Applicator bottle.

Pouring the beads into the Unique Applicator bottle


Screw the plastic tube down onto the valve stem.

Attaching the clear plastic hose to the valve stem

Attach the tube to the end of the applicator bottle.

Attaching the Applicator to the clear plastic hose


Gently pour the beads into the valve stem

Pouring in the beads


If you pour too fast and they get stuck, just tap on the valve stem with your finger.

If you pour too fast, simply tap with your finger


Install the filtered valve cores

Install the filtered valve core


That's all there is to it!

Just start driving and the beads will do the rest!



Installation for the EZ Open Bag®

This method is most popular for RV's and large Trucks for new, unmounted tires.

Here's the bag as you will receive it

Dyna Beads in the EZ Open Bag


Pull the bag gently as shown to remove the bag clip

Removing the special clip from the EZ Open Bag

Make sure the bag clip pieces are discarded, and press the tape seal between your thumb and forefinger before installation.

Pressing the double sided tape together before installation


Notice the first bead has been placed over the rim, the top of the tire pulled up and the EZ Open Bag™ inserted upright against the inner sidewall opposite the valve stem.

Install inside the tire opposite the valve stem

There's nothing easier for new tire installation!

Installation for Double Beadlocks

The technical description for these is "2-piece internal double beadlocks".

These pictures are 37x12.50-16 tires that weigh 75lb on a 16x8 wheel for a total weight of 140 lbs each. Only 10 oz of Dyna Beads was used per tire.

Pictures courtesy of

This shows the sophisticated device used to spread the rim pieces.

Spreading the rims on a double-beadlocked tire


Now we simply pour in the Dyna Beads!

Pouring in the beads.


The result was a vibration-free ride, tested to 75 mph.

Picture of the truck with all tires filled with Dyna Beads


Motorcycle Applicator Installation

First start by cutting the top of the bag

Cut Top of Bag


Next carefully pour the beads into the applicator bottle

Pour Beads into Bottle


Cut the end off the cap and install onto the Applicator

Install cap


Thread the plastic hose onto the valve stem all the way down

Thread the hose onto the valve stem

Thread completely down the valve stem


Attach the bottle to the hose

Attach bottle to hose


Now the important part:

Slowly tip the bottle up until you get a slow, steady stream, don't rush it.
If you try to rush things, it will jam up. If it does, lower the bottle and tap on the valve stem until it clears, then start slowly again.
There is a way to eliminate the jamming and speed things up by using a vibrating tool, see farther on down.

Pour beads into tire

Speed things up with vibration!

The best tool we've come across is an engraving tool.

The one in the picture is sold by WW Grainger, part #2Z557, or the same thing can be bought from Harbor Freight for $10.00.

While we are showing this on a motorcycle install, a large number of our off road customers use this same method when installing larger quantities of beads.

Picture of engraving tool

Following is a series of pictures taken by one of our customers Diehl Unger on his Honda GoldWing.

Front tire GoldWing


Rear Tire90Deg




Direct To Tire / Pour In Installation

This is the most common method for dealers and those who own their own tire changers.

Coat only the tire, not the rim, with small amount of bead lube.

We realize this picture is for a different installation than the one below, but the importance of this procedure is too important to leave it out. Also do not use Tire Changers that automatically coat the rim with mounting grease. Wipe the excess from the swab before applying to tire so none drips inside.

Coat Tire


Gently work the first tire bead down over the rim

Tire On Changer


Cut the bag, lift the top edge of the tire, and pour the beads into the tire.

Pour Into Tire


Press down on the opposite side while the changer installs the second tire bead.

Seat 2nd Bead


This is important: Stand the tire up with the valve stem at the top as shown.

Stand Tire up with Valve Stem at top


Apply the air to seat both tire beads onto the rim.

Blow Tire Up to seat tire beads

You're good to go!

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